Ideas For Decorating Your Home’s Windows

Let’s Not Talk About How Great Window Decorations Are, But Let’s Talk About The Ones I Have In Store. All Window Types And Styles Can Be Decorated With These Low And High Window Decorating Ideas.

Reconnect with nature with nature-themed decor

No matter how much time we spend in nature, we are connected to it. We can bring nature into our homes since we aren’t able to explore nature as often as we would like. You can do it this way!

Idea 1. Put Cute Bird Images on Dull Windows to Freshen Them Up

cute black birds decals for home window decorating

These cute stickers will brighten up dull windows! Make your windows look like they are inhabited by wild “birds.”. This looks endearing both from the outside and the inside. What are the cons? In my opinion, this is a great idea.

Idea 2. With flowers, we can make the earth smile

flower blossom decals for home window decorating

Adding natural elements to your home helps you relax and fills the air with a warm feeling. As soon as you glance over and see these flowers, even the saddest blues will brighten up. Enjoy the uplifting effect of these vibrant colors on your windows!


cute black cat decorative decal for home window

Do you love cats? If so, then this sweet idea is for you. When you pass by your windows, you’ll always feel a smile on your face because this precious decor brings a smile to your face every time.

Idea 4. What if you covered your windows with trees?

forest print bay window decoration idea

Are you wondering how to decorate a bay window? Your windows will look great with this silhouette-decor featuring a forest. It will make you feel as if you are outdoors. Try not to start a bonfire while you’re actually at home!

Decorations with text prints that are inspiring

Vinyl lettering on text prints is very trendy these days. The right quotes can add visual appeal to your day as well as inspire you. Here are some ideas for decorating apartment windows.

Idea 5. Take a closer look at everything you see

inspiring text print window decorative decal for home window decorating

You will find inspiration in this profound quote from Winston Churchill every day. Your windows will be adorned with style thanks to the thoughtful design. You’ll be reminded of your capabilities and why you do what you do every day!

Idea 6. Land among the stars by reaching for them

inspiring quote on home window for decorating

There are times when you need a reminder that you are capable of big dreams and even greater achievements. If you want to expand your imagination, this idea is perfect for you. In addition to beautifying your windows, it will also inspire your wildest dreams.

Idea 7. Move on as, “This Too, Shall Pass”

home window decorating idea with a pink life quote decal

Our example shows you how to brighten up even the darkest days with an inspiring image and quote. You can display this ethereal design on your house or apartment windows.

Idea 8. You should never stop looking up and decorating your windows

home bay window decorating idea with a dreamy motivational quote decal

Adding this piece to your bedroom will liven up its interior with its dreamy appearance. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy throughout the day. In addition to encouraging you to keep working on your goals, the quote will motivate you to do so.

Your windows will look great when you have these ideas on them. You can create your decor online with our designer-made templates!

In need of window decoration inspiration? Check out our article about Window Decorating Ideas!

Hobby and Activity Decorations

Consider decorating your windows based on your hobbies as well. By featuring your favorite activities, you can personalize your interior. I have listed a few examples below. The design can be created by you or you can upload the one you prefer.

Idea 9. Scenes of mountain climbing should be included

Choose a design that speaks to your heart when decorating your windows. Using your hobby as the centerpiece of your decor is a bold idea.

mountain climbers decorative decal for home windows

Idea 10. Use piano tiles to add a touch of aesthetic appeal

piano tiles print home window decor idea

Another great example of highlighting your favorite activities is this artistic piece. Make even the dullest interior unique by adding creative elements to your windows. For a more personalized touch, you may use any other type of instrument you prefer.

Idea 11. You can either go fishing or you can go home

home window decorating idea with a fishing quote decal

Fishing is one of your favorite pastimes? You’ll love this one! You can enhance the look of your windows in this impressive way. Simply choose the right size and color for your windows. Your father or grandpa would also appreciate this gift!

Idea 12. Don’t stop dancing

That’s a great idea for a girl’s room! Dance lovers of all styles will love this window art. You can feature ballet, figure skating, hip hop, salsa dancing, and whatever else you like! The following is an example of how it will look.

cute home window decorating idea for girls with a ballerina decal

Decorated with symbols

Signs symbolize a variety of beliefs and universal values that give meaning to our lives. Showcase your personality by decorating your windows with them.

Idea 13. Love’s Everlasting Symbol

It represents the nature of true love with a variation on the symbol of eternity. The artistic appearance of the piece will draw attention among other decorative elements. You can see what it will look like on your windows here.

home window decorative decal with love symbol

Idea 14. Peace Symbol

Is there anyone who doesn’t recognize this symbol? This symbol is widely used, but it offers a unique way to communicate with your neighbors. In addition to looking good from the outside, the sign will be appropriate from the inside as well.

home window decorative decal with a peace symbol and quote

Idea 15. Symbol of Yin and Yang

A classy addition to your interior, the yin and yang represents both the dark and bright sides of life. You’ll be able to give your windows a fresh look and purpose with its clean yet meaningful design.

an idea on how to decorate home windows with unique symbols

Idea 16. It is the symbol of eternity

For a decor that will never go out of style, feature the infinite time symbol on your windows. Any interior style will look great with this symbol. This example will show you how it looks on windows if you’re not sure!

an idea on how to decorate home window with eternity symbol

Are there any other symbols you have in mind? You can upload your own images, customize them, and order right away with our free design tool.

Decorating for the holidays

Is there a season you prefer? Are their unique charms what attracts you to them all? No matter what the season is, I’ve got the perfect idea! If you have different rooms in your house, you can change them with the seasons or maybe create the full year’s cycle.

The seventeenth idea. Spring is Nature’s Way to Say, “Let’s Party!”

Bring the spring spirit into your home and let it fill your heart with joy. Bring a breath of fresh air into your life with this idea featuring the first season of the year!

spring themed home window decorating idea with decals

Idea 18. Living in the sunshine during the summer

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Beaches, sunshine, travel… Because you probably can’t justify a three-month vacation, you can create the same atmosphere at home. You’ll be in vacation mode all the time with this decorative theme!

summer themed home window decorating idea with decals

Idea 19. Autumn Leaves Drift by Your Window

No romantic season would be complete without thematic decorations. Adding gold and red leaves to your home will create an enchanting atmosphere. You can do it this way!

autumn themed home window decorating idea with decals

Idea 20. A celebration of winter

There are many decorative options available during the season of celebration. Your favorite things about winter can be highlighted with snowflakes and ornaments! In addition, you can combine them to create the perfect bay window decor! I will give you an example:

winter themed home window decorating idea with cute bear and penguin decals

Are you interested in learning more about holiday decorations? Find out how you can decorate your windows for the holidays in our article!

Decor for children

Reanimating your interior should not forget the kids’ room.

Idea 21. Rainbow Flair Watercolor

This idea here couldn’t be prettier, could it? Despite its simplicity, it adds warmth and color to the windows. This decor will appeal to kids and teach them a lot!

kid's room window decorating idea with cute rainbow and cloud decals

Idea 22. Teach Your Children With Decorations

Decorate your kids’ room with letters instead of just decorations. You’ll have more fun learning the letters with this brainy decor! This idea can be taken to the next level by adding different numbers and geometric shapes.

letters and numbers kid's room window decor

Idea 23. Highlight one of your favorite superheroes

Superman is loved by every little boy on Earth, right? Maybe he prefers Spiderman instead. You can upload the picture of your child’s favorite superhero to our design tool and order it in lifesize.

Superman symbol kid's room window decor

Idea 24. What Your Little Princess Needs to Know About Disney Princesses

It is every girl’s dream to be treated like a princess. Using stickers, decorate her room’s windows with her favorite cartoon or movie character. I assure you tIt’s a guarantee that she’ll give you a big hug!

Disney princess kid's room window decor

We offer free decoration templates on our website for all of these ideas. Using the online design tool, you can make them your own and order them right away!

Bonus Tips And Highlights For Decorating Your Home Windows

At this point, I think you’ve found the right window decorating ideas for your house or apartment. There are also a few other factors to consider. Let’s take a look at the best practices for decorating your windows.

Tip 1. Don’t forget to take lighting into account

In rooms with small windows and little lighting, choose decorations that won’t block the sunlight. As a result, stickers should be light and mild in color. In large bay or bow windows, adhesives can, however, obscure some light transmission. It’s completely up to you which color you choose.

Tip 2. Fading-resistant materials

When choosing materials for windows, keep in mind that they will be exposed to continuous sunlight. For vinyl stickers, for instance, UV inks should be used. Their lifespan will also be extended by laminating them.

Tip 3. Don’t overuse

Decorating windows is a lot of fun. It is important, however, not to overuse them. Make sure your decorations match.

bay window decorating idea with curtains and decals

Tip 4. Make good use of vertical and horizontal lines

There is a huge difference between vertical and horizontal lines, just as with other stylistic references. I bet you’ve noticed how vertical lines on clothing can make you appear taller, whereas horizontal lines can make you appear shorter. Windows follow the same logic.

Tip 5. Maintain a consistent style

Window decorations can be used in conjunction with other types of home decor. It is possible, for example, to have matching adhesives for windows and walls. Remember to keep your interior design theme and layout in mind.

The following ideas and tips will assist you in decorating your windows in a tasteful manner. Add a finishing touch to any window style with these.

Let’s make these ideas a reality! Personalized window decorations are easy to make. We’ve got cool templates you can choose from or you can upload your own. Want to DIY your own decor? Build them from scratch or use our platform’s elements, backgrounds, and features. Get started on transforming your dull windows!

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